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Scroll down for the link to hear Pastor Elmer's sermons!  The new v.7 Sermon Player is up and working now!

Pastor and Melanie came to us in November of 2011.  Their last ministry was as mission pastor to Aloha Baptist Church in Honokaa, Hawaii.  For the last 14 months of the over 6 years there, the church became self supporting and supported them until the new pastor took over.

He and Melanie called Holland, MI home for a major portion of their childhood, up until about 19 years of age, and still have family in that area.  Pastor honorably served four years in the Air Force (part of that at Wurtsmith AFB, just about 23 miles from LBC) and nearly four years in the Army, then seven years in the National Guard. His military time shows, as he retains that military bearing, while having a sweet and loving spirit.

Pastor Ash received his undergraduate degree from William Carey University of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  He received a Master's of Theology from Andersonville Baptist Seminary and a second Master's Degree of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist University.  He also went on to receive a Doctorate of Pastoral Theology from Andersonville Baptist Seminary. 

Pastor and Melanie have three daughters, two are married and live in Mississippi.  The last single daughter, Megan, came to LBC with her parents and then was called back to Hawaii by her past employer and has since been married to Chase.  They have now made Pastor and Melanie grandparents!  We miss her, but are really glad to see Megan and Chase doing well.

We have seen steady growth in numbers and spiritually since their arrival and have grown to love them all.  Daughter Tabatha came and played piano for us when Pastor had his good friend Pastor Mike Routon come and preach for special "End Time" meetings; we have come to love her and her husband as well.  So we are inviting everyone to come, meet Pastor and Melanie, and learn why we have come to love them so much!  Of course, here is where YOU all get to meet Pastor and learn just a little of why we think so much of him and his family!

Pastor chooses a theme, or focus, for each year and this one is no different.  His theme for 2020 is

             Catch the vision of 2020

The Bible verse for this years theme is Proverbs 29 18

      Where there is no vision,the people perish: but he that keepeth the law,      happy is he.


Right click on the above link  You will be taken to a new page with folders with the month heading click on the month containing the MP3 Sermon recordings. Please click on the file you want to listen to.
I will be working to stream line this procedure If you are having trouble please send me a message at lottbaptist123@gmail.com I can send you a link via email so you can get direct access to our new storage location.   


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