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We welcome you to take part!  Come and enjoy with us! 

Regularly scheduled worship, prayer services and other events will be found on the "Services" page of our website.

  *  Wednesday 1st New Years Day 
  *  Sunday 5th  Lords Supper, Bord Meeting, after evening service 
  *  Saturday 11th  Men's Prayer Breakfast 8:00 AM
  *  Sunday 12th  Deaconess Meeting, after evening service
  *  Tuesday 14th  Food Pantry 1:30 - 3:00 PM 
  *  Wednesday 15th  Business Meeting 6:00 PM
  *  Friday 17th  Family Skate Night 6:00 - 8:00 PM Everyone Welcome
  *  Saturday 25th  Men of Prayer 8:30 AM 
  *  Friday 31st  Family Movie Night 6:00  Everyone Welcome

  *  Sunday 2nd  Lords Supper, Board Meeting, after evening service 
  *  Saturday 8th  Men of Prayer 8:30 AM
  *  Tuesday 11th  Food Pantry 1:30 - 3:00 PM
  *  Friday 14th  Family Skate Night 6:00 - 8:00 PM All are Welcome!  
  *  Saturday 22nd  Men of Prayer 8:30 AM
  *  Friday 28th  Family Movie Night 6:00 PM  All are Welcome!

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  *  Sunday 1st  Lords Supper, Board Meeting, after evening service
  *  Saturday 7th  Men of Prayer 8:30 AM
  *  Tuesday 10th  Food Pantry 1:30 - 3:00 PM
  *  Friday 13th  Family Skate Night 6:00 - 8:00  PM All are Welcome!
  *  Saturday 21th  Men of Prayer 8:30 AM 
  *  Friday 27th  Family Movie Night 6:00 PM  All are Welcome! 
  *  Sunday 29th  Mark Sterkin  5th Sunday Pot-Luck

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*  Saturday 4 Men Prayer Breakfast 8:00 AM                                                                  *  Sunday 5 Lord's Supper (evening service) Board Meeting after                            *  Tuesday  7 Food Pantry                                                                                       
*  Sunday  12 Sunrise Breakfast 8:00 AM Sunday School & Worship after              *  Saturday April 18 Men of Prayer 8:30 AM                                                                    *  Thursday & Friday April 30 & May 1 Senior Retreat                  

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Please pick up your copy of this flyer from the information table by the entrance of the Fellowship Hall.

*  Friday May 1 Senior Retreat                                                                                         *  Saturday May 2 Men of Prayer 8:30 AM                                                                      *  Sunday May 3 Lord's Supper (evening Service) Board Meeting after                     *  Tuesday May 5 Food Pantry                                                                                            *  Saturday May 9 Mother Daughter Lunch 12:00 Noon                                                 *  Saturday May 16 Men of Prayer 8:30 AM                                                                      *  Monday May 25 Piaster's Cook Out 12:00 Noon                                                          *  Saturday May 30 Men of Prayer 8:30 AM                                                                      *  Sunday May 31 Stephen Foster 5th Sunday Pot Luck Lunch 

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      Not Planed Yet

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Master Club, 6:00 p.m. Every Sunday, except the 5th Sundays.  Youngsters
   from 1st grade through 6th grade will enjoy this fast paced youth activity.  Bring
   your crew and stay to fellowship with us in evening service.  We sing more and
   have a better time at evening services than any other regular service of the
   week!  Master Club only meets during the local school year.

Ladies' Exercise, 9:00 a.m. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
in the 
   Fellowship Hall.

"Lott Baptist Church Food Pantry" opens at 1:30 p.m. on one Tuesday per   
however, due to a new computer system and the way the new program
   works, it will fluctuate between Tuesdays, so you will have to watch abo and       we will post it for the coming month as soon as we have it!  Our food pantry is an
   agency of the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Throughout the winter we have several roller skating nights @ 6 pm on the
following the Food Pantry, in the Fellowship Hall, which has a full sized
   basket ball court.  8:00 am on that same Saturday will be the Men's Prayer
.  There will also normally be a Movie Night two weeks after that, on
   Saturday @ 6 pm.  We will show movies that honor Christ and spread the Good
   News of the Gospel!  Great Family entertainment and training, too! 

At least one Ice Skating event is to be scheduled for sometime each winter.

In the summer we will be looking at  a tubing/canoeing event on the nearby
   AuSable River.  Several of our families go tubing nearly every Sunday afternoon
   when the weather is warm, so you can get in on that also!  We have a church
, at least one bonfire night and several other events that will be
   announced above, as they are scheduled. We had a Family Bible Conference at
   the Wisconsin Dells
in 2014, a Family Bible Retreat at the DoubleJJ Ranch
   in the summer of 2015, and a great time at Camp Faholo, near Grass Lake, in
   2016.  We will be having Family Camp every summer.  Stay tuned for
   them as they come up.  We are also having a Senior Adult Retreat once a year
   and regular shopping and tour events throughout the year.

We are planning on setting up a fall tour on the AuSable River Queen Paddle
again next year.  The last was well attended and enjoyed by all.  The dates
   and times for that outing will be announced as it is firmed up.  The River Queen
   cancelled on us this year (2016) because of high winds, pray next year works out

Other Opportunities for Service:
  We have choir practice on Sunday afternoons at
   5:00 or 5:30 pm as announced.  If you sing or play an instrument please see Ken
   Busch or Linda Hoole and we will get you into the schedule to sing or play! Our
   members regularly get together to help each other and neighbors.  We will
   attempt to announce those ahead of time in the space above and in the calendar. 
   There are at least three work-days per year at the church for clean up and
   seasonal preparations.  Also, many have helped each other with auto, home,
   furnace, plumbing and appliance repairs; even building new homes.  We have a
   really skilled bunch, so if you need something fixed, let someone know and we
   may be able to get it done inside the church family!  Especially if you need help,
   call the church and let Pastor know; we will see what we can do to help you with
   that need! 

   Conversely, if you know how to do something that may be needed, and are
   willing to donate your time, or help for less than normally charged in the area,
   let Pastor or one of the Trustees know and we will contact you when there is a

   Right now, our men are working to get the new educational wing up and
   usable.  Let us know if you would be willing to help with any of the work on that
   and we will give you a call when the materials are available.  The Lord has
   blessed and it appears we should have that up and usable sometime in March or
   April!  Praise Him!

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