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We have begun doing our photos differently.  Because of the slow load times on this page, we have shifted all new photo info to our Facebook page.  You can go there with this link: https://www.facebook.com/lott.baptist.7 which should open in a new window.  If, for some reason, you are experiencing difficulty with the hyperlink, just copy the URL address into your browser and try it that way.

If you have taken pictures and would like to see them on the Facebook page, please email digital photos to our contact email at Contact Us or get paper photos to our Pastor  and we will get them published to our Facebook page!  If you can get to us in writing who is in the photo and what the event was, it will help make sure we get things spelled correctly and properly captioned! 

God Bless and Thanks for visiting!

Sunday School starts at 9:45 on Sunday morning and these pictures are from February 3, 2013.  We had a fair crowd and great classes!

I was just looking at these again (January 2, 2017) and realized we have purchased new, interlocking and stack-able chairs that are far more comfortable than the old folding chairs in these pictures!  Take a look at the facebook page and see the changes!

Here we are at the beginning of the Sunday School opening.

Getting into one of those good, old, action songs!

More action songs!

Of course, then comes Morning Worship Service at 11:00 am.  This week we had a special treat, the singing ministry group from Grace Baptist College in Gaylord, Michigan, called "Abundant Grace."  Including our own James Bake!

This is actually between the services just as the Adult Sunday School class is letting out.

As the auditorium fills up for Worship.

This is the view just to the right of the one above, just a second later.  Evangelist Anthony Petronico is on the far right.  He is the speaker who goes out with this Grace Baptist College ministry group.

As "Abundant Grace" came in, some of our young people wanted pictures taken with them!  Certainly a good looking bunch!

Worship Service getting started!  This is pretty close to my usual view from the organ!

This picture is just off to the left of the one above showing the good group we had in attendance as we got started.  All totaled we had an attendance this morning of 102.

From the far back right of the auditorium as "Abundant Grace" got started singing.  We've got lots of room to expand!  Come on out and enjoy with us!

Here is the young lady who did a great job at the piano, playing for the group.

"Abundant Grace" from back of the last row of seating, just as they were getting started.

View from behind the last seating, but on the left side of the auditorium.

Here is a closer shot of the group singing.  Our own James Bake is the tall young man nearest to us in this shot.

Again, from the opposite side of the auditorium.  If any one got the names of these other young people with James, please let me know and I will get them on here!

One last shot of "Abundant Grace;" great music and if you weren't here you missed out on a blessing!

Brother Anthony Petronico getting started with some introduction to the materials they brought along.

You should note this is as the auditorium appeared until February and March of 2014.  One of our men donated the oak and many came to help build a new backdrop for the stage. 

That addition makes it look far more like a church, instead of a gymnasium.  The pictures of that being built and the finished product are being added below and should be completed soon.

Brother Petronico finishing up with the materials.  Tony delivered the message and did the excellent job we have come to expect from him.  There were seven decisions made after he preached, plus the ones we don't know about.  God is working and we are seeing growth both in numbers and in Spiritual lives!  Praise Him! 

When you find a place He is working, you want to hang in there and get involved with what He is doing, especially if you feel Him leading you to take part in the ministry there!  We would be glad to have you come and enjoy the good Word of God, as it is preached from our pulpit, whether by Brother Tony or our own Pastor Elmer.

After a day like this it is easy to say, it was good to have been in the House of the Lord!  We are committed to teaching and preaching God's word faithfully.  Equipping believers to live committed lives, set apart to serving Christ and reaching the community for Him.  Our ultimate goal is to reach everyone we can for Jesus Christ.  We don't want one person anywhere in our area to go to a Christ-less eternity in the Hell that was prepared for the Devil and his angels.  Men are headed there because they are born sinners.  We want to reach all we can, to let them know there is assurance and peace in Christ Jesus and show them how to have that "peace that passeth all understanding" in this chaotic world.

If you feel burdened, hurt, unhappy, lost, unable to face tomorrow, don't hesitate to call, email or just show up at services.  We are here to help you know that you can have a sure hope, joy and peace, through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Evening Services currently are still in the "Old Church Auditorium."  However, numbers are growing and are nearly to the point we will need to move that to the Fellowship Hall, also!  Praise the Lord!

We will get some pictures of the Old Church Auditorium in here soon. 

The photos here are from the last skate night of last winter (2012).  I have photos of this year, somewhere and as soon as I can find them and get them edited will add them.  Until then, this skate night was well attended.  The last skate night in January we had a lot of lonesome pairs of skates.  Come out and keep a pair of skates company for the night...we would hate to have them lonely!

Of course, the older youth love to play "crack-the-whip!"

It's always nice to get a helping hand!

I think we lost the tail of the whip!

Just can't seem to keep everyone attached to that whip!

Watch it, the whip is coming through!

At least Caleb thinks it is a two-thumbs-up night!

A few more of the adult skaters and those of us who are keeping the chairs company!

Right after the snack time...Devotional Time!

Teach it, Preacher!

This is at North Lake, just East of Glennie.

Megan & Pastor Elmer

Better, up close picture of Dad & Daughter!

The fire watchers...they had to keep that fire company or it might have gone out!

Starting to get dark!

JOY Fellowship, January 10th, 2013 at Jack & Florence Umfress' home in Curtisville.  This time was themed Apron Day and so you get to see the aprons that were worn at this get together.  Pictures are by Millie Hatton, thanks, Millie! 

Here is Ruth Goretski wearing an American Cancer Society Apron.

Here is Pat Dumas with a black and white apron to match her outfit!  With a nice smile, also!

Rita Bridges is wearing an apron that was her mother's.  Let's see...Rita is 85...we are just wondering how old the apron is!  It seems like Rita often has that smile!

Georgia Smith has a hand-made apron that matches her sweater very nicely!

Theresa Kraft had a hand-made apron and a big smile!

Leeann Jonseck had a long apron, with navy blue and beige...and a big smile!

Carol Johnson's apron had a flower print at the top, with solid pink at the bottom and...another smile!

Florence Umfress shows off the giraffe apron she got on a trip to Africa!

George Hatton (L) and Jack Umfress (R) doing one of the things they do best... demonstrating the serve-yourself food line!

Jack was in the middle of a long battle with cancer here, and has since gone to be with his Lord.  We will all miss him, but I am sure, the rest of us not as acutely as Florence!

George Hatton with his Hatt-on!  Nice bonnet, George!  Rita trying to keep track of what George is up to, now! 

Is George Native American?  It looks like he is trying to keep his wig-wam!

At least we have some fun!

Hey, thanks for the pictures, Millie!

One of our men came to pastor with a plan already drawn up and said he would donate most of the wood, if we so chose to put up this backdrop.  The church board looked the plans over and gave the go ahead.  The plans looked good, but it looks far better up, in the Fellowship Hall, than it did on paper!  The whole intent is to make the end of the gymnasium, where we have worship services, look more like church than it had.  It has certainly accomplished that and looks great.

Rich Wolfe working from a ladder on the backdrop.

Rich behind the pulpit and Dar Busch on the yellow ladder.  It is obviously beginning to take shape!

Well,... Rich is on the left, Dave Leiby is in the middle, and Dar on the ladder on the right.

Here is a little closer shot of Dave!

Rich at the far end, Dave in the middle and Dar on the near ladder.

Dave at this end, Dar and Rich are at the far end.

Not done yet, but this portion is mostly done.  Pictures to come on the finished product soon!

Many of the men helped prepare the wood to get near this point.  They spent several days a week, for weeks, sanding and cutting to size.  This oak started out as rough sawn; and our guys turned it into finished boards with some pretty heavy duty elbow grease!  It became a real corporate effort with many hands helping. 

It really looked great on Sunday the 9th of March, mostly done.  Thanks to all who donated materials, supplies and labor!

I will add the pictures of the complete, finished project, as soon as we get them.  The men just did the final staining and clear coating of the end product, this week (March 10-15).  So... if I can remember my camera this weekend, we should have those shortly!  I will also check to see if anyone has more construction photos.


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