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We are located at 4257 State Rd., Glennie, Michigan 48737.  State Road is far better known as M-65. We are across M-65 from Dockside Marina.  Driving directions start right below the MAP LINK in the next paragraph!

Use this MAP LINK to go to an interactive Google Map on our Manta Business Page, which will open in a new window.  Please be aware there are advertizements on that page for other churches and religious websites, which we do not necessarily agree with.  However, to get them removed from that site would cost us a monthly subscription that we are not paying at this point.  Just be aware not all things on that page are things we agree with!

From Saginaw, MI we are about 90 miles North.  You take I-75 North to Exit 188, Standish or US-23 North.  Go North on US-23 through Omer to M-65 North and turn left.  Staying on North M-65 will bring you into Glennie.  If you get to the actual town of Glennie you are about two miles too far.  The church is located East of Vaughn Lake and just about 100 yards North West of the intersection of Sawmill Road and M-65.  It is about 17.5 miles North of Hale, MI and 24.5 miles North of the intersection of M-55 (Hemlock Road, going between Tawas City and Manistee) and M-65.  We are on the North side of the road across M-65 from Dockside Marina.

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From the Mackinaw Area, you would head South on I-75 to Exit 310 (about 27 miles) and take M-68 East (left) about 9 miles to M-33, where you will turn right or East onto M-33/M-68.  After about 10 miles you will turn South, staying on M-33 for another 25.5 miles to Fairview.  In Fairview, you will turn left (East) onto M-72 and take it to M-65, about 12 miles.  After that you will follow the same directions as below the Alpena directions below.

From Alpena Area you can either take M-32 West from the North end of Alpena to South bound M-65 or Werth Road West, from the South end of town out to M-65.  From either road you will turn left onto M-65.  From M-32 to Werth Road is about 5.5 miles.  From Werth Road it is very nearly 20 miles to the intersection of M-72 West and M-65, in Curran.  The rest of the trip to Lott Baptist Church is the same for either starting point as this is where the two routes converge.

From M-72/M-65 intersection in Curran, you go 16.4 miles South, staying on M-65 when M-72 turns right a few miles South of Curran.  You will go through the town of Glennie and about two miles beyond is Lott Baptist Church on the left side, across from Dockside Marina.

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From West Branch, you have two good choices.  You can go directly East out of town (toward Tawas City) on M-55, about 21 miles to North M-65, turning left.  You will go about 24.5 miles north on M-65, through Hale and across the AuSauble River until you get to the church on your right, across from the marina immediately after a tight left hand curve, where Sawmill road meets M-65 in the middle of that curve.  The church is actually about 100 yards beyond the curve, across M-65 from Dockside Marina.

The other option you can take is to go North on M-33 only about five miles East of West Branch on M-55.  You would turn left and go about 10 miles North to Rose City.  From there you would follow the instructions from Rose City below.

From the center of Rose City, at the intersection of M-65 and Main Street (or Rose City Road) you will travel East, or if traveling north on M-65 you will turn right, and proceed to Long Lake about 12 miles.  At South Branch Road you turn left (North) about 2 miles to Wickert Road, which only goes left or East.  You turn left onto Wikert Road and travel 4.2 miles to M-65, where you will turn left (North) onto M-65 and travel about 12 miles, crossing the AuSauble River at Five Channel Dam and after a sharp left hand curve arriving at the Church which is about 100 yards beyond the curve and across from Dockside Marina.  If you get into the actual town of Glennie, you are about two miles past the church.

From the Mio Area you would take M-33 North across the AuSable River Bridge .8 miles to the first road to your right or County Road 600.  Turn right on CR-600 and proceed East to the first stop sigh you will come to, that will be 16.5 miles and is Au Sable Road.  You will turn right onto AuSable Road and travel South past Alcona Park to the stop sign, 6.7 miles to CR-F30 or Bamfield Road.  You will turn left onto Bamfield Road and travel about 3 miles to M-65 also known as State Road.  You will turn South on State Road and travel about 2 miles South to the Church on your Left across from Dockside Marina.

From the Gaylord Area, you would take Main Street (M-32) East out of town, toward Atlanta, about 13 miles to where M-32 turns right (South), you would proceed 25.6 miles to M-33 and turn right (South) onto M-33, continuing 19.4 miles to Fairview, where you will turn Left onto M-72 (E. Miller Road there) and go 12.3 miles to M-65.  You will turn Right (South) onto M-65 and travel about 16 miles (through Glennie by about two miles) to the Church on your left, across M-65 (State Road there) from Dockside Marina.  

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From the Harrisville Area, you will travel West on M-72 to the intersection with M-65 where M-72 tees into M-65, approximately 22 miles West of Harrisville.  You turn South on M-65 and go to Glennie, about 7 miles, continue through Glennie by about two miles to the Church on your left, across State Road (M-65) from Dockside Marina.  

From the Oscoda Area you will get to the stop light in the middle of town. which is River Road and turn West (away from Lake Huron).  You will travel 6 miles to Foote Dam Road and turn right (North).  Go 1.8 miles to Bissonette Road and turn left (West) traveling to M-65, about 14 miles.  At M-65 you will turn right (North) and go 3.6 miles or just past the sharp curve by about 100 yards.  The Church will be on your right, across from Dockside Marina.  

From the Tawas Area, starting from the M-55/US-23 intersection you will go North West for about 0.7 miles to Wilbur Road, which is the first stop light.  You will turn right (North, this is also known as Old US-23) and travel 1.3 miles and bear left onto Monument Road, for 11.4 miles to the stop sign at River Road.  You turn left on River Road and proceed 3.7 miles to M-65, where you turn right and travel about 6.5 miles to the Church which is just beyond a very tight left hand curve by about 100 yards and will be on your right, across from Dockside Marina.  If you get into Glennie you are nearly 2 miles to far.

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