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     Lott Baptist Church is in Alcona County. LBC was established in 1903 when the need for Christian training for her children and her neighbors was felt by a prayerful woman. 117 years later, Lott continues to reach out to the community and beyond.

    Its member base and ministry overlap 6 surrounding townships, as well as the northern part of Iosco County. Located 2 miles south of the town of Glennie, this area can be described as the most rural area of a rural county.

    The church has an attendance of 70 to 80 depending on the season. The members make up a loving and caring family that is active in the community. LBS is the base in the county for the for the Northeastern Michigan Food Bank. Many associations use our conference room for meetings. A local quilt group meets at the church. Normal Sundays host an Adult SS class, a Woman’s class, Teen, and classes for ages K - 7. Wednesday prayer meetings offer time for reflection and prayer. We have a strong men-based program called Men of Prayer. They meet every other Saturday and for prayer.

    The town of Gleenie, without a caution or red light, offers a grocery store, hardware store, bank, post office and a wonderful library. Town is home to 3 restaurants and one tavern. We share our community and love of the Lord with 3 other churches. There is a beautiful golf course with a seasonal restaurant. As of resent, a General Dollar was opened. A large green house greets sits just outside of town. There is also a manufacturer that has moved from Oscoda to Glennie. Even with these business, and larger nearby towns, Alcona County can be described as one of the poorest counties in Michigan.

    Glennie sits in the center of the Huron National Forest. Spring and summer pass quickly in this area. Summer brings tourism and campers. When one tires of fishing the many lakes or long, lazy floats down the AuSable River, Lake Huron is only 25 minutes away where sandy beaches wait for hot summer days. Fall and winter brings its own fun with hunting season, ice fishing, snowmobiling and sledding. God has really blessed us with the best of all

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