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We had originally thought we would put the Wednesday Prayer Meeting Requests here.  However, there have been some concerned that some of their prayer requests are too personal to be posted in a public forum such as this.  We understand that concern and have decided to do the prayer requests a bit differently than just putting all of the prayer requests from Prayer Meeting here. 

If you have a request you want to post here, please contact us either by phone, email, or drop a note to Pastor Elmer, Sheryl or Ken Busch, at any church service, making sure we have the facts and the proper spelling of names and we will add those requests here.  Thank you for praying for others!

We've had lots of answered prayers in the past several months giving us lots of praises!  We have several new families with young children.  We are also seeing food pantry folks come to services and continue to become faithful.  Praise the Lord for the new folks willing to follow Christ in obedience!  Pray for all of our new Christians and be encouraging when you see them!

We have finished the new Education wing on the Fellowship Hall and will have our grand opening on Sunday, September 2, 2017.  More classes and more students.  Praise the Lord!

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